The 1Tap Esports clan off to an incredible start

1Tap Esports has been off to an incredible start ever since its beginning. Players from all over the world have embraced our clan and the 1Tap brand in ways we could not even have dreamt off before we started the project.

We recently started the 1Tap Army, which is an initiative to get talented players to join 1Tap. It is the first step for people who want to become a bigger part of the organization.

There are still many things to come and we have a lot planned, here is some of them:

  • AtĀ least two different competitive rosters in Fortnite and CS:GO, one from NA and one from EU.
  • In addition to our competitive roster, we plan on having 1Tap Jr. teams – the 1Tap Juniors.
  • Merch/merchandiseĀ for 1Tap Esports – the 1Tap Apparel line.
  • And much more!

If you want to take part in the journey, feel free to join our Discord server and start the application process.