Looking for top performing Fortnite players

We are currently scouting for Fortnite players in the NA East and European region to compete in our NA and EU roster.

If you are among the top 1% and have experience with scrims and possible tournaments, please apply via our Discord channel.

Since we know scrim players often compete against among other highly competitive and professional players, we do not have any requirements regarding your Fortnite stats, this includes your K/D. As long as you have placed well in the scrims you have played and can compete in tournaments with good placements, we will take applications into considerations.

We require a minimum age of 16 years but are looking into a junior team for upcoming talent.

In return, we can offer our players valuable coaching on how to grow as a competitive player as well as creating a brand for yourself.

If this has your interest, please join our Discord for more information on the application process.