Here you will find an overview of the 1Tap teams.

1Tap Fortnite

North American Team

  • 1Tap cZ –
  • 1Tap Seem –¬†
  • 1Tap Trixy
  • 1Tap harmony –
  • 1Tap Tr1vecta –
  • 1Tap Daeji –

European Team

  • 1Tap Lines –
  • 1Tap Emhan –
  • 1Tap Cwyt
  • 1Tap Ghosty –

Content Creator

  • 1Tap Jeaky –


We are still looking for competitive players in Fortnite, Apex Legends and CS:GO. If you have delivered top performance and are among the top players in the world, 1Tap Esports would like to hear from you. Join our Discord for more information on how to join the team.