Fortnite Scrims

If you want to advance in the competitive Fortnite community, it is important to play against good players. Currently, the best way to do this is by doing scrims and pro scrims.

Scrims is a way for players to practice. It is derived from the word scrimmage, which is also used in professional sports to describe a friendly practice match.

In scrims, people are much more competitive than a usual Fortnite match. People will do solo scrims, duo scrims, and squad scrims.

The way scrims works are usually by people joining Fortnite Discords, where they try to queue up for the same game at once.

Once you join a Discord, there will be some sort of countdown system in place. In some Discord servers, everyone joins the same voice channel, where everyone is muted besides the “scrim host”. The host will then do a countdown or start an audio countdown, and when the countdown reaches 0, everyone presses play in-game.

After this, people type in part of their server identifier in a chat channel, so people can look up how many people got into the same Fortnite servers.

The rules in the various scrim Discords vary, but usually, it is encouraged to play for the late zones, and not engaging in storm fights, which is likely to get both teams killed.

In 1Tap Esports, all our competitive Fortnite players are required to regularly participate in scrims, in order to keep up with the competitive community.

The best players and players from professional organizations like TSM, FaZe clan, Team Liquid, Ghost Gaming and so on, will often play in private Discord servers. These scrims are considered pro scrims and only invited people can join.